Zeetus Lapeetus, Zodiacs!

Time to make your OOTD out of this world.

We all know about our Zodiac signs. Some of us get really into our sign’s personality traits and meanings, and even read into our daily/weekly/monthly horoscopes. I’ll admit, I read up on mine pretty often from different sites and magazines as my source via SnapChat! All with a grain of salt, of course. (My fav is actually from VICE. Super detailed monthly horoscope and creatively written! Example for Taurus: April here).

I think it’s interesting when predictions line up with reality, or on the flipside, just put a new thought into your head. Yes, some descriptions are so broad they could apply to anyone, but more than not, I find mine fairly accurate or at the very least, making me think about myself more. Fascinating, nonetheless, am I right?

Either way you spin it, we can all agree it’s fun to be a part of something bigger than yourself!

Untitled design

With this astrological mindset in mind, see the zodiac-inspired outfit below, featuring a wicked constellation blouse!

Scroll for outfit deets followed by where to get other killer zodiac style pieces.


When I saw this top online, I was already hooked since it had a unique galaxy-meets-sign pattern. (There’s galaxy stuff everywhere, but not cute zodiac patterns!) To my surprise, the pop-of-white collar was none other than my own star sign symbol, the Bull for Taurus!


More about the Blouse:

  • Equipped with tiny star buttons and ruffled detail, it’s both classic and chic!
  • Light, airy and long enough to wear it out, tucked in or tied to meet a high-waist look.
  • Again, the Bull collar is insane! Too cute, you guys.
  • Note: Since it’s from ROMWE, it is not made of the most high-quality fabric. Keep in mind if you buy it that the star-shaped buttons are cute but not sewn in tightly! (If you’re like me, you obviously won’t mind it’s pretty cheap and came prepared with a sewing kit just in case!)
  • Get this blouse at ROMWE for $20.99



Photo from Romwe.com


More about the outfit:

  • Pairing this blouse with a shorter pleated skirt keeps the outfit exciting and cute!
  • Skirt: thrifted from Crossroads Trading Co.
  • Adding colored tights to compliment the galaxy color scheme make the whole outfit pop to match the blouse. I chose purple and black as a couple options!
  • TightsForever 21 for purple and black from H&M
  • Shoes: Black flats work great, but black heels would also do the trick


Keep reading to see if any of these other pieces from the astrological universe should be added to your wardrobe!

Explore more astro-fantastic pieces below

ModCloth has a few great pieces. It’s a Sign.


Photo from ModCloth.com

^ Get this playful tank here.

modcloth zodiac blouse

Photo cred: ModCloth.com

^ This bright tank-blouse is ON SALE & in size Large only, but that’s a good thing so it’s loose and fits tucked in or out. Get it here.

etsy rebelseedclothing sagitarrius shirt

Photo from: Etsy.com via RebelSeedClothing

^ This simple handmade zodiac tank is from Etsy via user RebelSeedCompany. Find the tank with your sign here. ($27).

Looking for even more?


What do YOU think about zodiac signs, star signs and horoscopes? Comment below! Thanks for reading 🙂

canva galaxy graphic

Photo from Canva.com


brooklyn dinosaur street art ootd

Color-Blocking FTW (Always)

Color-blocking is never out of style.

That’s just my opinion, but I think I’m on to something here!

I’ve been a fan of retro styles ever since I can remember. Why? I grew up with a mom that loved thrift shopping (and still does). Taking after her, I appreciated past eras’ evolution of funky patterns, bold, big pockets, buttons and bows, and of course, color-blocking. FYI: Color-blocking means this on Wikipedia. To me, it also means taking a risk with colors and thinking outside the box–two concepts that should never go out of style. And, it’s fairly easy to simply play around with a neutral black or white and pair it with a bright shade of yellow, blue, green or red, (which is exactly what I did for this OOTD). You can’t really go wrong if you’re matching solids with solids; (many disagree).

Needless to say, the feeling you get when you find an old dress that screams color and chic and confidence, all rolled into one can’t really be beat. That said, I will settle for a new dress with old style, too. 🙂 I’m talking about literal blocks of yellow color aligned with black grid on top of soft, white pleats on bottom–a modern spin on girly vintage to make you smile.

brooklyn dinosaur street art ootd

Since NYC is teasing us with snowflakes again, I took a risk and wore this 60s-esque dress with high-knee socks to Williamsburg in 30-degree weather. (Don’t worry. I also had a coat, scarf and gloves on the side. I’m not that crazy!).1-30-17

dinosaur wall art brooklyn ootd

Up Top: I wore a black, silk ribbon as a bow-choker, & layered a long-sleeve white cotton shirt under the dress to semi-match the pleated bottom.

Down Below: the socks and shoes were a casual pair to balance the chic, busy vibes found in the dress!

pleated skirt and high knee socks

climate change street art ootd

Long sleeve basic top from Forever21

Dress from Naked City in Portland, OR

Socks from Etsy.com (Otilia Boutique)

Shoes from Ross–Levi’s brand Jordy Sneakers

closeup-1-30-17I’ll admit, the purpose of this post may have been unclear so far.

Colors are cool…so what?

I guess my point is: don’t forget to find something bright despite the Game of Thrones style winter you may be having. The cold really can bite, but there are creative ways to be shine and stay warm. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel gloomy when the weather is grey, sometimes impacting my outfit choice for the day. Weirdly enough, wearing bright colors actually improved my mood this day and adjusted my attitude. Say what? It’s true!

Next time you’re planning on going out and you’re not feeling as fun and energetic as you know you could be, ditch the black basic coat and lock down some color-blocking in layers like a bold pea coat with colored tights! You won’t regret it.

What are your thoughts on color-blocking and tips for staying warm in style?


Holidazed in NYC 

Brooklyn Boho

Hi guys! Long time no see.

It’s been a crazy ride the last few months! After finally settling in, I can vouch that it’s true what they say; Christmas in New York is amazing. Just walking around and seeing lights gives me all the feels. There’s too many trees, pop up shops, singing and shopping spots to count. And, Winter hasn’t been too brutal yet (*knock on wood) but really charming and chill overall. I’m thankful to work right in midtown Manhattan where I can witness the magic and hustle and bustle on the daily. Plus, I’m always able to layer up without sacrificing my style! (Thank goodness).

On to the outfit:

For Christmas Eve, I rocked the boyfriend’s cozy flannel with ribbed, red tights equipped with an up-do crown braid. I was warm enough running errands in my neighborhood and dry enough with my thrifted Betty Boop umbrella! (What a keepsake from Portland).

Christmas outfit in Brooklyn
Christmas red and green outfit in Brooklyn
Let’s maybe call this look “Boho elf”?!

Who says you can’t wear a shirt as a dress?

I wanted to stay warm and be festive, so I wrapped a belt to fit  the flannel, and because I’m short, it worked!

Christmas outfit Holiday outfit art muralHoliday outfit style in Park Slope

I’m happy this outfit is compiled of gems from home:

‘Tis the season to have fun and try new things. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, wherever you are. And, I wish I could be home for the holidays (major homesickness) but I’m experiencing something unique, new and exciting too.

Cheers to new beginnings and taking risks in 2017.




Ah!! What a crazy ride. As many folks know, my boyfriend, Erik and I just traveled across the country (in my car) from Portland, OR to New York City about a week ago! It was so much fun and a perfect excuse to see more of the country including big cities I’ve always wanted to see like Chicago and Pittsburgh. (Both RULE). Not to mention, catch up with awesome friends and family along the way.

Whoa, whoa. You’re thinking “wait, why did you get up and move to NY?” to yourself.

Well, before this journey set off, we had thought about moving to NYC after visiting 2 years ago. We were obsessed. Not just in a touristy way, but in a “wow, I really fit in here” and “wow–this is so cultured, musical and different.” We knew it started with the visit, the concept, the dream, and then it moved to become an actual driving thought. The wheels were in motion before we knew it (literally) as Erik landed a great gig with his company, Stumptown in Brooklyn and bam!

We set off and said “let’s do this”.

Don’t get me wrong–we absolutely love Portland, but it was more than an itch inside both of us to move. It’s about life being too short and us growing up and not wanting to have regrets chasing after what we want in life. Living in the now is a real thing, and a challenge (a huge one) especially for me with my anxiety and safe-paced lifestyle I’m used to. But, I’ve had a lot of life changes in the past few years (the struggle was oh-so real) that I’m taking the experience as a positive. Life really can change in a snap, and you don’t want to miss it before it’s gone. In fact, you can embrace changes if it means being able to push your limits.

Moving has been bittersweet to say the least, and we’re so thankful for everyone’s support as we do this thing. I’ve been stressed for sure but that’s totally normal with such a big change and being jobless and homeless. (Ha!) The PNW has always been my home, and I miss it already.

That said, I wanted to pay tribute to PDX in this blog with this fun Southeast Portland-photoshoot by my talented friend, Hailey Skye Dehler.

It’s not goodbye, Portland. It’s most definitely see you later. You beautiful, weird beast.


Floral Dress: TARGET

Brown Tights: Forever 21

Ankle Boots and Faux Leather Jacket: Plato’s Closet


This shoot was so fun! We went around the industrial district in SE Portland which pays tribute to our old office and breezy, beautiful Portland weather, culture and architecture. *All photos belong to Hailey Skye Dehler. ❤ her double-exposures. Check her out on Insta too!*

Looking to the future and patient for the new changes to align. I’ll see you soon, guys!

xoxo –  Linds


And a lonnng bomber jacket

Northwest weather is unpredictable sometimes…or all the time! It’s no wonder layering is always a must. Even right now in the Portland summer months it can be easy to plan for a week straight of sunshine and 80 degree weather if the weather channel says so, right? But we all realize our hopes were up too soon and you still need to be prepared with a jacket.

Confession: I’m jacket obsessed. Ask anyone. I have a problem. Some people collect shoes, some love hats, and I love coats. I’ve accepted this fact and have embraced being able to wear my many, many jackets all year long, and in this case, in the cooler summer nights and mornings.

Without further ado, here are 3 playful baseball-style aka bomber jackets aka letterman’s jackets to rock the summer nights in style and in comfort, with shorts-or pants-or skirts.

Sporty Summer Chic

Thrifted American: 

  • Adidas is my liiife. Jacket from Buffalo Exchange that literally matches anything.
  • And these shorts from local thrift shop, Artifact. I mean, ca’mon. Those patriotic pockets! Perfect temperature balance.
  • Top from Forever21

BF’s Buffalo Football Style


  • (^Yes, I’m a dork! And an even bigger one for taking a jacket that’s not even mine, as if I need to add more to my collection!!)
  • Vintage Buffalo Bills sports jacket courtesy of bf, Erik and his G-pa! Both huge Bills fans.
  • Oversized jackets are the way to go for maximum coziness.

The longest baseball jacket yet:

  • Long blue bomber jacket from Buffalo Exchange with brown pleather sleeves. Worked out great with shorts, and I love the bonus zippers on the sleeves for extra flare.

All three styles:

  • Layering – check. 
  • Comfort – check.  
  • Money saved? – check! 

More inspirational bomber jacket layering:

Images from Pinterest originally from Vogue Mexico

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Bomber Jacket NY Yankees

Image from Pinterest –  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Australia

In the end, there’s really no wrong way to go with baseball jackets.

Also notable: if it ever gets warm enough to take the jacket off, it’s definitely not weird to tie it around your waist. The 90’s are alive in Portland-and everywhere right meow! No doubt.

Cheers to a fun (what’s let of it) summer outfits! 😀

– Linds

NASA shirt and jean skirt

5 Ways to Wear Ribbon

Ever since I found two colored ribbons lying around in my apartment from gifts I must’ve opened from Christmas or a Birthday, I’ve been finding creative ways to wear them. I was lucky to find pieces of ribbon long enough and comfortable enough to work with while working them into several outfits in different ways last month. (You could use different types of ribbon you find for sure, but many others would be itchy and uncomfortable. Duh). With velvet red and teal ribbon, these pieces match most outfits and are a great pop of color regardless what the rest of your outfit is saying.

Let’s scroll through 5 ways I’ve found uses for ribbon in style.

Velvet teal ribbon heart

1. Choker Necklace

The obvious re-trending jewelry piece right now is the choker necklace. You’ve all seen ’em around again since last year or slightly before. There are of course, the rubber or velvety 90s-inspired ones…

Young Sarah Michelle Gellar wearing choker

Sarah Michelle Gellar. Source: Buzzfeed, Pinterest

….or the leather and chain ones like so:

Photos from WhoWhatWear and Urban Outfitters

All choker concepts are sold at places like Forever 21 and ASOS for cheap if that’s your game. (Or, Urban Outfitters for the slightly higher price point).

But, I’m here to say….

…you can save (the $3-$24 or whatever) and simply use a soft, gift ribbon like the velvet colored ones below. All you need to do is make sure you have enough ribbon to tie a knot comfortably around your neck, and then hide the knot in the back. Simple and chic. Plus, you can add a charm yourself and make it a fun DIY!


And, ribbon chokers go with pretty much any look. From casual to fancy-feminine, from sporty to goth. Lipstick to no lipstick, long blouse to a simple t-shirt. Whatever outfit you’re rocking, know it can be dressed up by some lovely ribbon around your neck.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 3.52.59 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 3.52.27 PM

2. Anklet / Ankle Bracelet

It may seem odd at first to wrap ribbon around your ankle, but it really isn’t! Think of any other anklet you’ve seen, usually plain silver and gold chains sometimes with charms. That’s definitely not a likable style for everyone. Plus, why not bring a pop of color to your ankles instead of limiting yourself to blingy anklets? Plus, you don’t even realize it’s there since it’s light as air.

ankle bracelet anklet made of ribbon

3. Bracelet

Yes, it’s as easy as 1-2 to transform your ribbon into a bracelet! Do it as a solid look with a hidden knot (right), or twist the extra strands of ribbon over the other for a braided look (left).

4. Headband or Bow Clip

This may be a no brainer to use ribbon as a headband since we’ve seen it for decades, but still a timeless look worth mentioning. Again, looks great casual or dressed up.

headband ribbon

Headband hiding the knot

girl wearing teal ribbon headband

Headband showing the knotted bow

On the other hand, have you ever thought of adding a bobby pin to ribbon and making your own ribbon bow hair clip? So easy!

DIY bobby pin hair bow clip

Ribbon bow clip DIY


5. Shirt Tie

Last but certainly not least, I’ve used ribbon as a shirt tie. By “shirt tie” I mean using a piece of ribbon instead of a rubber band or hair tie to gather extra t-shirt fabric in a ball, off to the side. This is another trend, AKA making baggy or bigger tees more fitting to pair with a pair of high-waisted jeans or a skirt like so:

NASA shirt tied outfit close up

NASA shirt from etsy.com

NASA shirt outfit

Jean buttoned skirt from Plato’s Closet in Portland, OR

NASA shirt and jean skirt

Shades: Sloan Boutique, Nike Tennis Shoes: Footlocker (Portland, OR)

That’s a Wrap

If you think you want more ribbon in your fashion life, just remember that it’s cheaper to buy a yard of ribbon and make use of it as pieces than it is so buy a ready-made velvet choker necklace from a retailer, for example! Plus, think of all the color possibilities.

Where do you buy cheap ribbon like shown in this post? Any fabric/craft store such as JoAnn‘s or Mood Fabrics (at only $3.49/yard or cheaper)!

From head to toe, those are the 5 different ways to wear ribbon and bring it into your daily style. Hope you enjoyed the post and feel free to shoot me your ideas of using ribbon in outfits that I may have missed. Which was your favorite?

xoxo Linds

Black Boho Dress

Boho, Braids & Gothic Vibes

Back in Black

Instead of pre or post 4th of July blogging, I’m stepping aside from the red white and blue and going all black. All black and boho to be exact.

You may have already seen a blog post about this dress back in March. (And on Instagram). But, that’s how freaking glam it is! I can’t stop wearing and posting about it.

Perfect for spring AND summer despite the long sleeves, it’s light, airy, and fairy-like. I can’t picture anyone who wouldn’t like how it feels. And as far as looks, it’s simple yet elegant, goth yet boho, and the belle sleeves and accents of lace are oh-so-chic.

Black Boho Dress


To go with the boho dress (and honestly, to be lazy after an AM shower) I went with a crown braid. After only towel-drying, I brushed my hair out with my head down (facing the ground) and started french braiding from back-left to front/top of my head, then to back-right, adding a third piece every time to the braid. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, it is. HA! Confusing to explain at least, but I swear it’s super easy.

Boho Dress Belle Sleeves

And, even more fun, the braid starts falling loose from going about your daily adventures, (like below), then tada! Time to unravel a beach-wave look you can totally get stoked about too.

Do you have crown braid tips and tutorials? Share below if so! As always, thanks for stopping by and see you next time on LindStyleFiles.

– Linds

Viva Las NYC

Ever since I visited NYC, I fell in love. It’s like my personality and the city totally mesh as one, mysterious, heavy-fashion, fast-paced portal. It’s no wonder the city is called the city of dreams, the city of fashion.

NYC Blog Collage

Left: Me at the Cosmopolitan’s Chandelier Bar, Right: Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooklyn Bridge

Photo by Peter Lindbergh, March 2009 issue of Harpers Bazaar US, Instagram

And, on that note, I’m afraid to admit I’m just now watching Sex and the City based in the Big Apple. (Yes, I know when it came out!) Nonetheless, it’s so good and Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie showcases timeless style in every episode. From retro, striped, short-sleeved dresses to chic and sexy silk minis, she makes quite a statement. Fashion aside,  I get to drool over the cityscapes too, which sums up why NYC + Carrie are my inspiration for this week!

To be fair, the closest I’ve been to New York lately is the New York, New York in Las Vegas. (Don’t get me wrong, I still wore a playful birthday dress to match Carrie’s grey-blue, happy-go-lucky chic vibe above). Take a look at me channeling my inner-NYC in LV!


My “I wish this was the real thing, but good enough right now” look


mdd-dress-nyc-blog-2About the Dress:

This gorgeous, lavender-grey shift dress was made by Michelle DeCourcy from her Collection.

I love how sexy the plunging, V-back is, and how the details in the hem are subtly blingy to match the rhinestone-esque sleeve hems.

Black, embroidered lace ties it all together on the hemline making this dress smooth and fun for a night out, feeling free. (Which is exactly how I felt, despite having to wear sandals versus sexy heels to stay comfortable walking around).

Don’t be afraid to roam and explore the cityscapes. Life is a concrete jungle, even if you’re not in the Concrete Jungle, New York itself.

Thanks for popping by, guys! Until next time.  – Linds


Yellow Boho Forever21 Top

I moved sites!

…Say what!? That’s right. From Blogger to WordPress, here I have landed.

I couldn’t be more excited to have a custom domain site, more editing tools and features, and more overall clean, professionalism at the new blog location here.

Will anything change? Not really! Just a new location and the same ole me.

From thrift shopping to seasonal trends, I’ve got you covered. My goal is to post more than once a month, (but it’s tough to stay motivated with an old digital camera and no photographer)! I’ll do my best to make my posts as interesting to you as possible without boring you with the same background shots inside my Portland apartment. 😐

– It’s History –


Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 3.59.39 PM

After 57 posts over the past 3 years, the blogger location had a good run. It helped me develop a sense for what I wanted to post about and focus on less celebrities and more me. And, I’m thankful for anyone and everyone who even clicked to my blog site once! It’s pretty simple and I obviously don’t have a ton going on there when compared to big bloggers that have a following and sponsored content/ads and such! So THANK YOU, guys.


Fun Facts from the Old Blog:

7,160 total page views with views from the U.S to France to Japan:

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 4.18.34 PM

My top post was from August, 2014: Working Class at 123 views:

Lindsey Salzer Red Skirt Yellow Top Outfit

My 2nd-highest viewed post was: How to Make a JellyFish Costume in 6 Steps:

JellyFish DIY Costume

Alas, thanks for joining me in my new style journey. Cheers to new beginnings and farewell to lindstylefiles.blogspot.com.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin if you prefer! –

xoxo – Linds