Viva Las NYC

Ever since I visited NYC, I fell in love. It’s like my personality and the city totally mesh as one, mysterious, heavy-fashion, fast-paced portal. It’s no wonder the city is called the city of dreams, the city of fashion.

NYC Blog Collage
Left: Me at the Cosmopolitan’s Chandelier Bar, Right: Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooklyn Bridge

Photo by Peter Lindbergh, March 2009 issue of Harpers Bazaar US, Instagram

And, on that note, I’m afraid to admit I’m just now watching Sex and the City based in the Big Apple. (Yes, I know when it came out!) Nonetheless, it’s so good and Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie showcases timeless style in every episode. From retro, striped, short-sleeved dresses to chic and sexy silk minis, she makes quite a statement. Fashion aside,  I get to drool over the cityscapes too, which sums up why NYC + Carrie are my inspiration for this week!

To be fair, the closest I’ve been to New York lately is the New York, New York in Las Vegas. (Don’t get me wrong, I still wore a playful birthday dress to match Carrie’s grey-blue, happy-go-lucky chic vibe above). Take a look at me channeling my inner-NYC in LV!

My “I wish this was the real thing, but good enough right now” look


mdd-dress-nyc-blog-2About the Dress:

This gorgeous, lavender-grey shift dress was made by Michelle DeCourcy from her Collection.

I love how sexy the plunging, V-back is, and how the details in the hem are subtly blingy to match the rhinestone-esque sleeve hems.

Black, embroidered lace ties it all together on the hemline making this dress smooth and fun for a night out, feeling free. (Which is exactly how I felt, despite having to wear sandals versus sexy heels to stay comfortable walking around).

Don’t be afraid to roam and explore the cityscapes. Life is a concrete jungle, even if you’re not in the Concrete Jungle, New York itself.

Thanks for popping by, guys! Until next time.  – Linds


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