Boho, Braids & Gothic Vibes

Back in Black

Instead of pre or post 4th of July blogging, I’m stepping aside from the red white and blue and going all black. All black and boho to be exact.

You may have already seen a blog post about this dress back in March. (And on Instagram). But, that’s how freaking glam it is! I can’t stop wearing and posting about it.

Perfect for spring AND summer despite the long sleeves, it’s light, airy, and fairy-like. I can’t picture anyone who wouldn’t like how it feels. And as far as looks, it’s simple yet elegant, goth yet boho, and the belle sleeves and accents of lace are oh-so-chic.

Black Boho Dress


To go with the boho dress (and honestly, to be lazy after an AM shower) I went with a crown braid. After only towel-drying, I brushed my hair out with my head down (facing the ground) and started french braiding from back-left to front/top of my head, then to back-right, adding a third piece every time to the braid. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, it is. HA! Confusing to explain at least, but I swear it’s super easy.

Boho Dress Belle Sleeves

And, even more fun, the braid starts falling loose from going about your daily adventures, (like below), then tada! Time to unravel a beach-wave look you can totally get stoked about too.

Do you have crown braid tips and tutorials? Share below if so! As always, thanks for stopping by and see you next time on LindStyleFiles.

– Linds

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