5 Ways to Wear Ribbon

Ever since I found two colored ribbons lying around in my apartment from gifts I must’ve opened from Christmas or a Birthday, I’ve been finding creative ways to wear them. I was lucky to find pieces of ribbon long enough and comfortable enough to work with while working them into several outfits in different ways last month. (You could use different types of ribbon you find for sure, but many others would be itchy and uncomfortable. Duh). With velvet red and teal ribbon, these pieces match most outfits and are a great pop of color regardless what the rest of your outfit is saying.

Let’s scroll through 5 ways I’ve found uses for ribbon in style.

Velvet teal ribbon heart

1. Choker Necklace

The obvious re-trending jewelry piece right now is the choker necklace. You’ve all seen ’em around again since last year or slightly before. There are of course, the rubber or velvety 90s-inspired ones…

Young Sarah Michelle Gellar wearing choker
Sarah Michelle Gellar. Source: Buzzfeed, Pinterest

….or the leather and chain ones like so:

Photos from WhoWhatWear and Urban Outfitters

All choker concepts are sold at places like Forever 21 and ASOS for cheap if that’s your game. (Or, Urban Outfitters for the slightly higher price point).

But, I’m here to say….

…you can save (the $3-$24 or whatever) and simply use a soft, gift ribbon like the velvet colored ones below. All you need to do is make sure you have enough ribbon to tie a knot comfortably around your neck, and then hide the knot in the back. Simple and chic. Plus, you can add a charm yourself and make it a fun DIY!


And, ribbon chokers go with pretty much any look. From casual to fancy-feminine, from sporty to goth. Lipstick to no lipstick, long blouse to a simple t-shirt. Whatever outfit you’re rocking, know it can be dressed up by some lovely ribbon around your neck.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 3.52.59 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 3.52.27 PM

2. Anklet / Ankle Bracelet

It may seem odd at first to wrap ribbon around your ankle, but it really isn’t! Think of any other anklet you’ve seen, usually plain silver and gold chains sometimes with charms. That’s definitely not a likable style for everyone. Plus, why not bring a pop of color to your ankles instead of limiting yourself to blingy anklets? Plus, you don’t even realize it’s there since it’s light as air.

ankle bracelet anklet made of ribbon

3. Bracelet

Yes, it’s as easy as 1-2 to transform your ribbon into a bracelet! Do it as a solid look with a hidden knot (right), or twist the extra strands of ribbon over the other for a braided look (left).

4. Headband or Bow Clip

This may be a no brainer to use ribbon as a headband since we’ve seen it for decades, but still a timeless look worth mentioning. Again, looks great casual or dressed up.

headband ribbon
Headband hiding the knot
girl wearing teal ribbon headband
Headband showing the knotted bow

On the other hand, have you ever thought of adding a bobby pin to ribbon and making your own ribbon bow hair clip? So easy!

DIY bobby pin hair bow clip

Ribbon bow clip DIY


5. Shirt Tie

Last but certainly not least, I’ve used ribbon as a shirt tie. By “shirt tie” I mean using a piece of ribbon instead of a rubber band or hair tie to gather extra t-shirt fabric in a ball, off to the side. This is another trend, AKA making baggy or bigger tees more fitting to pair with a pair of high-waisted jeans or a skirt like so:

NASA shirt tied outfit close up
NASA shirt from etsy.com
NASA shirt outfit
Jean buttoned skirt from Plato’s Closet in Portland, OR
NASA shirt and jean skirt
Shades: Sloan Boutique, Nike Tennis Shoes: Footlocker (Portland, OR)

That’s a Wrap

If you think you want more ribbon in your fashion life, just remember that it’s cheaper to buy a yard of ribbon and make use of it as pieces than it is so buy a ready-made velvet choker necklace from a retailer, for example! Plus, think of all the color possibilities.

Where do you buy cheap ribbon like shown in this post? Any fabric/craft store such as JoAnn‘s or Mood Fabrics (at only $3.49/yard or cheaper)!

From head to toe, those are the 5 different ways to wear ribbon and bring it into your daily style. Hope you enjoyed the post and feel free to shoot me your ideas of using ribbon in outfits that I may have missed. Which was your favorite?

xoxo Linds

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