And a lonnng bomber jacket

Northwest weather is unpredictable sometimes…or all the time! It’s no wonder layering is always a must. Even right now in the Portland summer months it can be easy to plan for a week straight of sunshine and 80 degree weather if the weather channel says so, right? But we all realize our hopes were up too soon and you still need to be prepared with a jacket.

Confession: I’m jacket obsessed. Ask anyone. I have a problem. Some people collect shoes, some love hats, and I love coats. I’ve accepted this fact and have embraced being able to wear my many, many jackets all year long, and in this case, in the cooler summer nights and mornings.

Without further ado, here are 3 playful baseball-style aka bomber jackets aka letterman’s jackets to rock the summer nights in style and in comfort, with shorts-or pants-or skirts.

Sporty Summer Chic

Thrifted American: 

  • Adidas is my liiife. Jacket from Buffalo Exchange that literally matches anything.
  • And these shorts from local thrift shop, Artifact. I mean, ca’mon. Those patriotic pockets! Perfect temperature balance.
  • Top from Forever21

BF’s Buffalo Football Style


  • (^Yes, I’m a dork! And an even bigger one for taking a jacket that’s not even mine, as if I need to add more to my collection!!)
  • Vintage Buffalo Bills sports jacket courtesy of bf, Erik and his G-pa! Both huge Bills fans.
  • Oversized jackets are the way to go for maximum coziness.

The longest baseball jacket yet:

  • Long blue bomber jacket from Buffalo Exchange with brown pleather sleeves. Worked out great with shorts, and I love the bonus zippers on the sleeves for extra flare.

All three styles:

  • Layering – check. 
  • Comfort – check.  
  • Money saved? – check! 

More inspirational bomber jacket layering:

Images from Pinterest originally from Vogue Mexico

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Bomber Jacket NY Yankees

Image from Pinterest –  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Australia

In the end, there’s really no wrong way to go with baseball jackets.

Also notable: if it ever gets warm enough to take the jacket off, it’s definitely not weird to tie it around your waist. The 90’s are alive in Portland-and everywhere right meow! No doubt.

Cheers to a fun (what’s let of it) summer outfits! 😀

– Linds

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