Ah!! What a crazy ride. As many folks know, my boyfriend, Erik and I just traveled across the country (in my car) from Portland, OR to New York City about a week ago! It was so much fun and a perfect excuse to see more of the country including big cities I’ve always wanted to see like Chicago and Pittsburgh. (Both RULE). Not to mention, catch up with awesome friends and family along the way.

Whoa, whoa. You’re thinking “wait, why did you get up and move to NY?” to yourself.

Well, before this journey set off, we had thought about moving to NYC after visiting 2 years ago. We were obsessed. Not just in a touristy way, but in a “wow, I really fit in here” and “wow–this is so cultured, musical and different.” We knew it started with the visit, the concept, the dream, and then it moved to become an actual driving thought. The wheels were in motion before we knew it (literally) as Erik landed a great gig with his company, Stumptown in Brooklyn and bam!

We set off and said “let’s do this”.

Don’t get me wrong–we absolutely love Portland, but it was more than an itch inside both of us to move. It’s about life being too short and us growing up and not wanting to have regrets chasing after what we want in life. Living in the now is a real thing, and a challenge (a huge one) especially for me with my anxiety and safe-paced lifestyle I’m used to. But, I’ve had a lot of life changes in the past few years (the struggle was oh-so real) that I’m taking the experience as a positive. Life really can change in a snap, and you don’t want to miss it before it’s gone. In fact, you can embrace changes if it means being able to push your limits.

Moving has been bittersweet to say the least, and we’re so thankful for everyone’s support as we do this thing. I’ve been stressed for sure but that’s totally normal with such a big change and being jobless and homeless. (Ha!) The PNW has always been my home, and I miss it already.

That said, I wanted to pay tribute to PDX in this blog with this fun Southeast Portland-photoshoot by my talented friend, Hailey Skye Dehler.

It’s not goodbye, Portland. It’s most definitely see you later. You beautiful, weird beast.


Floral Dress: TARGET

Brown Tights: Forever 21

Ankle Boots and Faux Leather Jacket: Plato’s Closet


This shoot was so fun! We went around the industrial district in SE Portland which pays tribute to our old office and breezy, beautiful Portland weather, culture and architecture. *All photos belong to Hailey Skye Dehler. ❤ her double-exposures. Check her out on Insta too!*

Looking to the future and patient for the new changes to align. I’ll see you soon, guys!

xoxo –  Linds