Holidazed in NYC 

Brooklyn Boho

Hi guys! Long time no see.

It’s been a crazy ride the last few months! After finally settling in, I can vouch that it’s true what they say; Christmas in New York is amazing. Just walking around and seeing lights gives me all the feels. There’s too many trees, pop up shops, singing and shopping spots to count. And, Winter hasn’t been too brutal yet (*knock on wood) but really charming and chill overall. I’m thankful to work right in midtown Manhattan where I can witness the magic and hustle and bustle on the daily. Plus, I’m always able to layer up without sacrificing my style! (Thank goodness).

On to the outfit:

For Christmas Eve, I rocked the boyfriend’s cozy flannel with ribbed, red tights equipped with an up-do crown braid. I was warm enough running errands in my neighborhood and dry enough with my thrifted Betty Boop umbrella! (What a keepsake from Portland).

Christmas outfit in Brooklyn
Christmas red and green outfit in Brooklyn
Let’s maybe call this look “Boho elf”?!

Who says you can’t wear a shirt as a dress?

I wanted to stay warm and be festive, so I wrapped a belt to fit  the flannel, and because I’m short, it worked!

Christmas outfit Holiday outfit art muralHoliday outfit style in Park Slope

I’m happy this outfit is compiled of gems from home:

‘Tis the season to have fun and try new things. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, wherever you are. And, I wish I could be home for the holidays (major homesickness) but I’m experiencing something unique, new and exciting too.

Cheers to new beginnings and taking risks in 2017.



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