Color-Blocking FTW (Always)

Color-blocking is never out of style.

That’s just my opinion, but I think I’m on to something here!

I’ve been a fan of retro styles ever since I can remember. Why? I grew up with a mom that loved thrift shopping (and still does). Taking after her, I appreciated past eras’ evolution of funky patterns, bold, big pockets, buttons and bows, and of course, color-blocking. FYI: Color-blocking means this on Wikipedia. To me, it also means taking a risk with colors and thinking outside the box–two concepts that should never go out of style. And, it’s fairly easy to simply play around with a neutral black or white and pair it with a bright shade of yellow, blue, green or red, (which is exactly what I did for this OOTD). You can’t really go wrong if you’re matching solids with solids; (many disagree).

Needless to say, the feeling you get when you find an old dress that screams color and chic and confidence, all rolled into one can’t really be beat. That said, I will settle for a new dress with old style, too. 🙂 I’m talking about literal blocks of yellow color aligned with black grid on top of soft, white pleats on bottom–a modern spin on girly vintage to make you smile.

brooklyn dinosaur street art ootd

Since NYC is teasing us with snowflakes again, I took a risk and wore this 60s-esque dress with high-knee socks to Williamsburg in 30-degree weather. (Don’t worry. I also had a coat, scarf and gloves on the side. I’m not that crazy!).1-30-17

dinosaur wall art brooklyn ootd

Up Top: I wore a black, silk ribbon as a bow-choker, & layered a long-sleeve white cotton shirt under the dress to semi-match the pleated bottom.

Down Below: the socks and shoes were a casual pair to balance the chic, busy vibes found in the dress!

pleated skirt and high knee socks

climate change street art ootd

Long sleeve basic top from Forever21

Dress from Naked City in Portland, OR

Socks from (Otilia Boutique)

Shoes from Ross–Levi’s brand Jordy Sneakers

closeup-1-30-17I’ll admit, the purpose of this post may have been unclear so far.

Colors are cool…so what?

I guess my point is: don’t forget to find something bright despite the Game of Thrones style winter you may be having. The cold really can bite, but there are creative ways to be shine and stay warm. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel gloomy when the weather is grey, sometimes impacting my outfit choice for the day. Weirdly enough, wearing bright colors actually improved my mood this day and adjusted my attitude. Say what? It’s true!

Next time you’re planning on going out and you’re not feeling as fun and energetic as you know you could be, ditch the black basic coat and lock down some color-blocking in layers like a bold pea coat with colored tights! You won’t regret it.

What are your thoughts on color-blocking and tips for staying warm in style?


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