Zeetus Lapeetus, Zodiacs!

Time to make your OOTD out of this world.

We all know about our Zodiac signs. Some of us get really into our sign’s personality traits and meanings, and even read into our daily/weekly/monthly horoscopes. I’ll admit, I read up on mine pretty often from different sites and magazines as my source via SnapChat! All with a grain of salt, of course. (My fav is actually from VICE. Super detailed monthly horoscope and creatively written! Example for Taurus: April here).

I think it’s interesting when predictions line up with reality, or on the flipside, just put a new thought into your head. Yes, some descriptions are so broad they could apply to anyone, but more than not, I find mine fairly accurate or at the very least, making me think about myself more. Fascinating, nonetheless, am I right?

Either way you spin it, we can all agree it’s fun to be a part of something bigger than yourself!

Untitled design

With this astrological mindset in mind, see the zodiac-inspired outfit below, featuring a wicked constellation blouse!

Scroll for outfit deets followed by where to get other killer zodiac style pieces.


When I saw this top online, I was already hooked since it had a unique galaxy-meets-sign pattern. (There’s galaxy stuff everywhere, but not cute zodiac patterns!) To my surprise, the pop-of-white collar was none other than my own star sign symbol, the Bull for Taurus!


More about the Blouse:

  • Equipped with tiny star buttons and ruffled detail, it’s both classic and chic!
  • Light, airy and long enough to wear it out, tucked in or tied to meet a high-waist look.
  • Again, the Bull collar is insane! Too cute, you guys.
  • Note: Since it’s from ROMWE, it is not made of the most high-quality fabric. Keep in mind if you buy it that the star-shaped buttons are cute but not sewn in tightly! (If you’re like me, you obviously won’t mind it’s pretty cheap and came prepared with a sewing kit just in case!)
  • Get this blouse at ROMWE for $20.99


Photo from Romwe.com


More about the outfit:

  • Pairing this blouse with a shorter pleated skirt keeps the outfit exciting and cute!
  • Skirt: thrifted from Crossroads Trading Co.
  • Adding colored tights to compliment the galaxy color scheme make the whole outfit pop to match the blouse. I chose purple and black as a couple options!
  • TightsForever 21 for purple and black from H&M
  • Shoes: Black flats work great, but black heels would also do the trick


Keep reading to see if any of these other pieces from the astrological universe should be added to your wardrobe!

Explore more astro-fantastic pieces below

ModCloth has a few great pieces. It’s a Sign.


Photo from ModCloth.com

^ Get this playful tank here.

modcloth zodiac blouse
Photo cred: ModCloth.com

^ This bright tank-blouse is ON SALE & in size Large only, but that’s a good thing so it’s loose and fits tucked in or out. Get it here.

etsy rebelseedclothing sagitarrius shirt
Photo from: Etsy.com via RebelSeedClothing

^ This simple handmade zodiac tank is from Etsy via user RebelSeedCompany. Find the tank with your sign here. ($27).

Looking for even more?


What do YOU think about zodiac signs, star signs and horoscopes? Comment below! Thanks for reading 🙂

canva galaxy graphic
Photo from Canva.com


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