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CropppppedHey there! I’m Lindsey and I grew up in the lovely Pacific Northwest where I currently reside. I’m obsessed with thrift shopping, which is sometimes a problem. (Learned that from my mama). I also got brought into the fashion world from by BFF Courtney who always encouraged me to try new things, even when the new thing was a vintage style. (She told me that high-waisted skirts are super flattering back in high school and why not try them? Now they are all I wear skirt-wise)!
I love the way fashion makes me feel. Fashion makes me feel alive. Makes me feel creative. Style makes me who I am. I’m always inspired by other fashion bloggers including Keiko Lynn, who I honestly was most inspired by to start a blog myself!


To inspire others to take style risks that reflect confidence.


    • Fashion and shopping, (especially thrift-shopping)!
    • Digital Marketing / Social Media
    • Singing
    • Painting
    • Astronomy
    • CATS. (I like dogs too!)
    • Ice Cream. Cheese. Pretty much all dairy.
    • Making people laugh and laughing (a lot)

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Email: lindseysalzer@gmail.com